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Founded in 1996, Wellington Capital Management, Inc. is an independent financial advisor serving individuals and businesses. As fiduciaries, our advice must always serve our client’s best interest above all else.The standard for most financial professionals is that investments must be suitable for a client's investment objectives, time horizon and tolerance for risk. That's OK but you deserve better; compensation can vary widely and their services may involve conflicts of interest. 

As truly independent fiduciaries, we always put your best interests first.  We are never beholden to any bank, brokerage firm or insurance company.  In our thinking, effective financial advice means guidance that works toward your goals - period. It also means full transparency, avoiding conflicts of interest and no hidden fees. 

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Wealth Management

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John Oliver on Investing & Fiduciary Advice*

In this segment on retirement plans from his HBO show “Last Week Tonight”, John Oliver showed the world that even the usually boring conversation on why fiduciary advice matters to your investments can be delivered so effectively that it goes viral … or at least as viral as financial planning is ever likely to get, with over thirteen million views, and counting.Oliver’s masterful combination of wit and wisdom is worth watching first-hand. If you’ve not yet taken the 20-minute coffee break to check it out, we highly recommend you do so.  *warning: contains profanity.

Lacking Oliver’s comedic timing, our own frequent conversations on these same subjects are unlikely to ever reach as many viewers. But that doesn’t diminish our equal levels of passion and enthusiasm for how important it is to safeguard your financial interests by embracing the few relatively simple, but powerful principles that Oliver shared. 

One thing we do have over Oliver: We are quite serious about actually serving as a fiduciary advisor, protecting and promoting your highest financial interests. If you would like a second opinion of your plan and/or investments, click here to contact us.   If you are aware of other people who could use a similar helping hand, why not share Oliver’s video with them?  We hope you’ll also offer them our name along with it, in case they’d like to continue the conversation. 

One last note; Oliver refers to a Department of Labor fiduciary rule.  Since this segment originally aired, that rule was abolished. The short-lived rule is likely to be replaced in whole or in part with a similar ruling from the SEC in the very near future. 

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